Work is now underway on the total refurbishment of a mid-terrace house in Balham. As the work is to the whole property, we will be working simultaneously on the basement and loft conversions in order to reduce the project schedule.

The first phase was to erect the scaffolding and start constructing the loft conversion. Work has progressed well and the structure is nearly complete. The next stage is to add the veluxes and the roof.

When you are working on a loft conversion, good weather is a blessing. So the recent heavy rain has had a bit of an impact as it is not safe for the builders to be up on the scaffolding.

Having made good progress on the loft, we were able to start work on the basement conversion. The mid-terrace house already had a very basic basement that was being used for storage. It was not full height so doesn’t make a huge difference to the project, but it does mean that some of the excavation work has been done.

As the builders needed scaffolding in place for the loft conversion and the property already had a basement we have started this project digging from the inside out, which is a bit different to most basement conversions we work on.

We have now created a hole under the bay at the front of the house for the conveyor belt to remove the rest of the ground and we are starting the process of propping up and underpinning the house as usual.

This will be a long process, but we are currently making good progress and are meeting our schedules.

Full house refurbishment in Balham photo gallery