The Qualitas Construction full-house renovation and loft conversion at Heslop Road, Balham, is gathering serious momentum with the dormer construction complete and the internal structure starting to take shape.

The loft conversion is a classic timber-framed construction with a rubber roof on the flat roof and slate sides. This is the standard design for loft conversion although we do have some clients who specifically request lead for its aesthetics.

To ensure that the new loft has plenty of light, we have two large veluxes, one in the en-suite and one in the store room, as well as a large electric rooflight above the stairwell which can be opened for increased ventilation

The internal layout was changed from the initial design, but has now been agreed. The stud walls have been built, the staircase has been added and the electrical plan is signed off. Therefore the first fix will be taking place in the coming days.

Downstairs the new layout is also complete and the first fix plumbing and electrics have been carried out. We will then start work on the plasterwork and the tiling. The finishing touches, such as painting and decoration and grouting, will not take place until work on the basement has progressed as the vibrations from the basement work can cause cracks.

Below ground, there have been some challenges from a design perspective and from the impact of the work taking place from the top. To counter any delays this has caused we will be sending in a large team to complete the dig and keep the project on schedule.

Total house renovation with loft and basement conversion in pictures