The full house refurbishment in Balham is the largest renovation project we are currently working. The transformation includes loft and basement conversions, a new side-return and reconfiguration of the internal layout.

We have already added the loft extension and have also made really good progress on the first floor, which has had the first fix electrical and plumbing completed and been plastered.

We are now waiting for the owners to make some decisions, but this is perfect timing, as we cannot take the decor too much further because the house will start to move very slightly when we underpin it. Movement is very normal when creating a basement conversion, but it does mean that some of the finer details need to be carried out when all the structural work has been completed.

When we are working on a full house refurbishment or a basement conversion, we give the client a loose procurement schedule at the start of the project so that they have a rough idea of when things have to be ready. We also offer a procurement service for the parts, fixtures and fittings.

At the present time we are showing the client samples of some of the fittings, such as skirting boards and alcatrades, that they need to choose. This can be a really useful service for a client as it offers a real insight into what will work for their house. As we frequently work on high-end building projects we have a really good knowledge of what styles are popular, as well as what will work best for their property.

To stay on top of the procurement schedule and keep the client up to date with our progress, we are having bi-weekly meetings with them. At Qualitas Construction, we believe that communication with the client is an essential part of any building project and one of the reasons we boast so many delighted clients.

While we await decisions to move the above-ground floors forward, our focus has moved to the basement. We have been able to put a large team of basement conversion specialists on the job and the digging process is going very smoothly.

To date we have inserted about seven of the pins, which act as a temporary support for the house, and expect to have the entire basement dug out and supported by early 2015.

Full house refurbishment in Balham photo gallery