There are so many factors that can impact the smooth running of a building project and a good construction company will be prepared to deal with any eventualities they face.

An unforeseen factor that we are currently dealing with is the discovery of asbestos in the garage and pipe lagging in the basement of the huge refurbishment we are working on in Vineyard Hill Road, Wimbledon.

As soon as it was discovered we arranged for a specialist company to inspect it, create an asbestos report. Ultimately, it needs to be removed before we can begin work on the affected areas. Fortunately this hasn’t delayed the project as some details of the planning permission and party wall agreement still needed to be finalised.

While these issues have been being addressed, our building teams have focused on the internal work on the first and second floors and have made rapid progress in restructuring the internal layout to create an enviable master bedroom suite with a dressing room and bathroom.

It is a beautiful house with high ceilings and we have been busy reboarding and replastering the new layout and adding picture rails and corner rails to be true to the home’s identity.

The new bathrooms have also been fitted and tiled and we will look to begin decoration in the coming week.

This swift progress has been possible due to the combination of a highly skilled team and a very proactive owner who is living in rented accommodation nearby and is in regular contact with both us and the interior designer.